Microsoft debuts App Hub for WP7 developers


Microsoft unveiled App Hub, a new website featuring tools, resources and support for Windows Phone and Xbox Live Indie Games developers. App Hub includes an extensive library encompassing code samples, tutorials, reference documentation and videos along with App Hubdeveloper registration services, application submission and management tools, and a full installation package including Windows Phone Emulator, Visual Studio 2010 Express, Silverlight, XNA Game Studio 4.0, .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft Expression Blend for Windows Phone.

"Over the coming months, we will be building up the Education Catalog on App Hub, so that it serves as the central location from which developers can find and access all Windows Phone and XNA developer educational materials from Microsoft," the company's senior director of mobile services and developer product management Todd Brix writes on the Windows Phone Developer Blog. "The biggest change with App Hub is that with one single $99 annual subscription (still free to DreamSpark students), you can now submit apps and games through your dashboard for both the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace." Brix adds that while App Hub is now open to the developer community, the Windows Phone 7 application submission process is not yet self-serve--all devs will be able to submit WP7 apps via the site next month.

For more on App Hub:
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