Microsoft refreshes Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP

Microsoft announced the release of its Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh, enabling programmers to build Windows Phone 7 applications on the final release of Visual Studio 2010. Additional tweaks include an updated Windows Phone 7 OS image for the Windows Phone Emulator, revamped APIs, expanded documentation, limited support for launchers and choosers, and support for Pause/Resume events.  Writing on The Windows Phone Developer Blog, Windows Phone Application Platform & Developer Experience program manager Charlie Kindel adds the refresh also fixes several known bugs, including problems with incremental deployment of projects and design time skin refresh issues. "We are working additional releases that we will make available through the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the fall," Kindel notes.

Microsoft has already said the Windows Phone 7 OS will not hit the market in "feature complete" form. Speaking to Dutch website last month, Kindel explained the software giant will add new features only when it is satisfied with the existing user experience. "What we do, we do extremely well. This is a change from earlier Windows Mobile versions, where we strove for as much possible functionality," Kindel said. "Now, some things are missing at launch but the important thing for us is the user experience. Everything must work equally well for the unit to work properly. Then we will look at how we can extend that functionality."

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