Microsoft's HoloLens has developers eager to explore opportunities

Windows Phone hasn't managed to achieve the kind of developer mindshare of Apple's iOS or Google Play, but if the early Twitter reaction is any indication, Microsoft may have much better success with its new Windows Holographic effort.

In a recent launch event, the Seattle-based company announced its forthcoming Windows Holographic, an all-purpose platform that was specifically developed with mobile use cases in mind. A key component of that was the HoloLens, a piece of smart eyewear that would allow users to interact with Windows Holographic in unusual ways. 

The response from developers on social media was immediate--and surprisingly impressed:

Microsoft said it would begin allowing developers to start creating for the platform this spring, but it can't come early enough for some:

Although it will take some time before the next version of Windows is properly launched and adopted by the mass market, Microsoft has certainly primed the pump for its upcoming Build conference.