Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 won't arrive 'feature complete'

Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system will not hit the market in "feature complete" form according to Windows Phone Application Platform & Developer Experience program manager Charlie Kindel, who explains the software giant will add new features only when it is satisfied with the existing user experience. "What we do, we do extremely well. This is a change from earlier Windows Mobile versions, where we strove for as much possible functionality," Kindel tells Dutch website in an interview translated into English by "Now, some things are missing at launch but the important thing for us is the user experience. Everything must work equally well for the unit to work properly. Then we will look at how we can extend that functionality."

When Microsoft does decide to upgrade Windows Phone 7, it will maintain full control over software updates, with smaller updates distributed over the air and larger upgrades distributed via the Zune platform. "We want everyone on the same version of the OS," Kindel said. "It's not like now, with 30 versions of our operating system in circulation."

Kindel also discussed Windows Phone 7's emphasis on cloud computing, promising devices running the OS will integrate with both the PC and TV. "Much of the activity takes place on the server side," he said. "Also applications make extensive use of the server, such as notifications. Most of the features that matter most on the device would require the server. This can also work for saving the battery. "

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