Mobile Distillery intros Alembic device database

Mobile applications software solutions provider Mobile Distillery announced the launch of Alembic, a web-based device information database promising developers as well as marketing and product managers product-tested insight into handset behaviors and capabilities. According to Mobile Distillery, Alembic tests devices based on more than a thousand characteristics, behaviors and performance benchmarks, with a query interface enabling users to identify which handsets are optimized for their applications before they write the first line of code. Developers may enter a series of capabilities and features (e.g., Bluetooth or GPS) and Alembic will generate of list of all devices supporting that particular feature set--in addition, the database offers direct integration with Mobile Distillery's Celsius automatic porting suite, enabling one-click compilation for all device compatibility searches. Mobile Distillery plans to release Alembic during the fourth quarter--the firm said it plans to add more than 30 new devices to the database each month, as new handsets come to market.

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