Mobile game devs can't wait to experience 'Anarchy'

Last month FierceDeveloper discussed Intel subsidiary Havok in a story about how mobile gaming engines like Unity are making bigger efforts to court indie devs by waiving fees or providing extra functionality. The competition will be tougher than ever now that Havok has released Project Anarchy, a completely free gaming engine that was created through a combination of its Havok Vision Engine, Havok Physics, Havok Animation and Havok AI technologies.

Though many of its toolset are Windows-only, Intel said Project Anarchy will allow developers to create mobile games that can be published to iOS, Android or Tizen, a new mobile OS developed with Samsung that's still in the works.

Immediately following its release, several developers commenting on social media sounded thrilled by the idea of having an alternative to the established game engines.

Some wondered how vendors would respond.

Though obviously aimed at existing game developers, Havok has indicated it hopes Project Anarchy will encourage others to start making titles for the first time. There's reason to believe that some technology professionals will do so.

Developers can download Havok's Project Anarchy engine here.