Mobile game devs taken aback by Amazon's deal to buy Double Helix

Some might say Amazon has always had a killer instinct, but now it owns Double Helix, the team behind the popular "Killer Instinct" game on Microsoft's Xbox One console.

The news came out through a recruiting event jointly hosted by the two organizations. Amazon did little more to confirm the acquisition than to say the transaction is "part of our ongoing mission to build innovative games for customers.

There were a few developers on Twitter who seemed completely taken aback by the news:

Others were more intrigued . . . 

...but there were also a number of experienced developers who were hugely supportive and happy by the combination. 

The big unanswered question, however--and one Amazon is unlikely to answer anytime soon--is whether Amazon might use Double Helix as a springboard to move into completely new areas of the market. Developers made their hopes clear.