Mogees intros mobile billing SDK for Android developers

Mobile billing startup Mogees announced the official launch of its mobile billing platform as well as the Mogees Payment SDK Beta for Android, promising developers for the Google mobile OS the tools to monetize their applications. According to Mogees, which was founded by former PayPal employees, the billing platform was created specifically for the mobile development community by offering a payment processing experience seamlessly integrated within a given application, which the firm says results in higher payment conversion. Consumers may pay either with credit cards or via PayPal account. The Mogees SDK also allows developers to offer various free trial versions of their applications.
Mogees said it plans to release SDKs for the iPhone and BlackBerry platforms as well. To promote the launch of its platform, the company announced a $1 million free payment processing promotion for the first thousand developers who sign up--Mogees will offer eligible developers free payment processing through the end of the year. For more details on the promo, click here.

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