MontaVista Software to launch Mobilinux 5.0

MontaVista Software announced the new 5.0 release of its MontaVista Mobilinux operating system, which it says is the mobile OS now used in more than 35 million Linux-based mobile devices from manufacturers including Motorola, Panasonic and NEC. Offering handset makers a platform for common smartphone features like touch-screen control, e-mail, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, multimedia and Adobe Flash display, this new incarnation of Mobilinux also features built-in support for new I/O types, including full-featured Linux networking stack with IPv6 support.

Other highlights include:

  • MicroSELinux, a compact version of the Security-Enhanced Linux protocol developed by the National Security Agency
  • Fully configurable power management
  • Built-in connectivity to various software and device types;
  • Real-time performance features including high-resolution nanosecond times
  • Five-second startup
  • Small footprint configured to run in less than 14 megabytes
  • Support for single-core and multicore processors
  • Reduced phone-build costs
  • Ready-to-use middleware, applications, and tools supplied by MontaVista ecosystem partners
  • Linux 2.6.21 kernel support

Mobilinux 5.0 will be available worldwide beginning in November 2007. Initial platform support includes OMAP 2430 from Texas Instruments, with OMAP 3430 following shortly. Six additional platforms will be added early next year.

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