Motally unveils Trackappalooza developer contest

Mobile analytics provider Motally announced the launch of Trackappalooza, a contest to uncover the most popular applications for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android operating systems. According to Motally, the contest will honor winners for a variety of distinctions, including Most New Users, Highest Average Session Time, Highest Average Session per User, Users in the Highest Number of Countries and Highest Total Actions Tracked--a single application can win in multiple categories, and prizes will also include a random drawing from all entrants. Motally will award $5,000 in prizes for each winner across the iPhone, Blackberry, and Android platforms, with a grand prize winner (selected by representatives of Blue Run Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Granite Ventures and other industry experts) receiving a free pass to GSMA's Mobile World Congress 2010 event, including a hotel stay, and promotion of the winning application.

To enter Trackappalooza, developers must sign-up for a Motally account and integrate the Motally API into their live applications by Dec. 15--tracking metrics from the month of Jan. 2010 will determine the winners. To register, click here.

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