Motorola courting Android developers

Motorola is actively seeking to recruit Android developers, with staffers in its Motodev developer program reaching out to the Android community via weekly podcasts, meet-and-greet events and expert video tutorials. According to Forbes, Motorola's full-court press began in mid-May--in one video, the handset maker's senior director of developer platforms and services Dino Brusco sings the praises of the Android OS and its "deep integration with mobile web services" as well as its "power to enable truly innovative applications." Brusco wraps up the video by declaring "We want all of you to join us in our partnership with Google and journey with Android," adding that Motorola will help developers create, deploy and market their applications. The company is also hosting Android-themed events, networking with more than 100 Android coders at a Silicon Valley shindig in mid-June.

Motorola confirms it is on the prowl for Android developer talent, promising it will not only help programmers distribute their applications through channels like Android Market and operator storefronts but that it plans to install some apps directly onto Motorola devices. Motorola vice president of software platforms Christy Wyatt adds the company's Android portfolio will span from consumer devices to enterprise smartphones, offered at a variety of price points--some handsets will also emphasize specific functionalities, e.g. messaging and multimedia.

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