Motorola opens Solutions Catalog to developers

Motorola announced the public beta launch of the Motorola Solutions Catalog, an online collection of third-party software offering games, tools, productivity and business applications to consumers and enterprise users. The catalog also enables members of the handset maker's MOTODEV developer network to market applications directly to Motorola product users. At launch, the Motorola Solutions Catalog offers applications including Gameloft's popular Guitar Legend, Motion Apps' mVisualVoiceMail application and Antenna Software's AMPower mobile business solutions--apps can be sorted by carrier and device categories, as well as keyword and advanced search functions. MOTODEV developers can add descriptions, screen shots, device compatibility data, search terms and links to purchase as well.

"Applications are key to differentiating and enhancing the overall product experience," said Christy Wyatt, Motorola VP of software platforms and ecosystem. "By using our new Motorola Solutions Catalog, developers can easily and quickly bring their innovative applications directly to end users so they can do even more with their Motorola products."

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