New iPhone software update coming by year's end?

Apple and AT&T are reportedly at work on a new iPhone software update that would add several new operator-specific features to the device. Citing sources with knowledge of the effort, AppleInsider reports Apple and AT&T are collaborating to introduce a series of new iPhone features suggested by consumer feedback; chief among the new services is an Overage Alerts setting that would allow users to customize a push notification--either a badge, message or sound--to be issued when they're close to exceeding their monthly anytime minutes. Also on tap are new options enabling users to disable custom voicemail greetings and AT&T's standard Voicemail introduction as well as automatically bypass voicemail greetings and other automated instructions when placing calls to other AT&T customers.

AppleInsider adds the enhancements are intended to boost customer satisfaction with both the iPhone and AT&T's network services, but could result in the introduction of additional carrier-specific features in the future.

For more on the rumored iPhone software update:
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