New Mobile AJAX FAQ

Eli Dickinson

Mobile AJAX and the future of the Web
Ajit Jaokar, Rocco Georgi and Bryan Rieger have posted the first version of the Mobile AJAX FAQ that they've been working on for the last few weeks. I've written about Mobile AJAX before, but this FAQ is a big first step for developers actually interested in moving past the hype and into the gritty details--and developers need it. Personally, I believe AJAX-like apps (browser-based Javascript, widgets, whatever) will be a big in the future, but right now it's awfully hard work.

The FAQ highlights the hurdles that mobile AJAX developers face: relatively few target devices, browser incompatiblities and Javascript power consumption problems, to name a few. Mike Rowehl argues that mobile AJAX technology is so new that it might even be dangerous to attempt it now. As Mike points out, right now "we can't even get online validators to agree what is and is not valid mobile markup." -Eli