News of Note—SoftBank’s loan, AT&T’s IPO and debt, Charter’s CEO and more

news of note
SoftBank took out an $8 billion loan. (Pixabay)

Here are the other stories we’re following today:

> Former Apple executive Steve Wozniak said he will quit Facebook over data privacy concerns. CNET article

> According to, smartphones and tablets drive 73% of website traffic. Blog post

> SoftBank took out an $8 billion loan. MWL article

> If AT&T’s IPO of its DirecTV operation in Latin America is successful, it will barely make a dent in the company’s debt. BTIG article

> A growing number of states are issuing their own net neutrality laws. Motherboard article

> Huawei has unveiled its new Dual Modes, Multi-Protocols, Multi-Instances (DMM) open source project—a protocol stack framework— that it said elevates different protocol stacks for networking application developers. FierceTelecom article

> Charter’s CEO is urging Congress to crack down on Silicon Valley companies around user privacy. FierceCable article