Nissan developer gets busted for stealing code from Stack Overflow

Cheaters never win -- just ask the Nissan mobile app developer who was exposed for stealing code verbatim from Stack Overflow. 

Security researcher Scott Helme discovered a Nissan developer copied code from a Stack Overflow response in a recent update to the NissanConnect EV app. 

Helme tweeted a screenshot of his discovery. 

Nissan boasts a proven reputation among automakers and reported $3.7 billion in net revenue in the first nine months of fiscal year 2015. 

However, the automaker may need additional quality assurance professionals to evaluate NissanConnect EV app updates. 

The NissanConnect EV app enables Nissan Leaf owners to communicate remotely with their electric car at any time.

Although the app serves as a powerful tool for Leaf owners, Nissan's use of code from Stack Overflow may drive many consumers away from the automaker altogether. 

Nissan's use of code from Stack Overflow also left some developers wondering what Nissan would include in its next NissanConnect EV update. 

Nissan, meanwhile, has yet to respond to Helme's tweet.