Nokia, Intel team for open-source oFono OS

Nokia and Intel will collaborate on the development of a new Linux-based mobile operating system dubbed oFono. " is a place to bring developers together around designing an infrastructure for building mobile telephony (GSM/UMTS) applications," writes the Intel Open Source Technology Center's Marcel Holtmann on the oFono blog. "oFono is licensed under GPLv2, and it includes a high-level D-Bus API for use by telephony applications of any license. oFono also includes a low-level plug-in API for integrating with Open Source as well as third party telephony stacks, cellular modems and storage back-ends. The plug-in API functionality is modeled on public standards, in particular 3GPP TS 27.007 ‘AT command set for User Equipment (UE).'" Holtmann adds that Nokia and Intel will jointly maintain the oFono project.

Details on oFono are otherwise scarce, although Engadget Mobile speculates the project is assembling personnel from both Intel's Moblin initiative and Nokia's Maemo effort. A related job posting uncovered by seeking a "Linux GUI Expert needed for a major handset company" calls for a programmer to "work with other team members in developing new features, enhancing current features and supporting released versions. The GUI expert is expected to know the internals of leading edge toolkits such as Qt, Gtkmm, Flex3, etc." Stated job duties include designing and building next-generation GUI 2D and 3D toolkits and porting them to Linux platforms and creating advanced UI concepts and designs to improve upon current UI frameworks.

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