Nokia issues MeeGo version 1.1 project release

Nokia (NYSE:NOK) unveiled a project release version of its MeeGo 1.1 operating system, with an updated SDK to follow in the near future. According to Nokia, the Linux-based MeeGo v1.1 contains Linux Kernel 2.6.35, server 1.9.0, Web Runtime, Qt 4.7, and Qt Mobility 1.0.2, with support for contacts, location, messaging, multimedia, and sensor and service frameworks. It also includes the oFono telephony stack, the ConnMan connection manager, the Tracker data indexer, the Telepathy real-time communications framework, the Buteo sync framework and other components. In addition, the release features Netbook UX 1.1 (a complete set of core applications for netbooks), In-Vehicle Infotainment UX 1.1 (featuring a sample IVI home screen and taskbar built with Qt 4.7 and speech recognition) and Handset UX 1.1 (implementing basic development UX for voice calling, SMS messaging, web browsing, music and video playback, photo viewing and connection management). Click here to download.

While Nokia N900 devices can run MeeGo 1.1, the handset maker strongly cautions consumers against downloading the update. "This isn't a finished product for you to load up on to your phone and use on a day-to-day basis," writes Nokia Conversations blog editor Ian Delaney. "The user interface is neither finished nor is it representative of what the experience will look like on future Nokia devices (we're creating our own unique experience using Qt). What it is, is a generic version intended to allow developers and device manufacturers to get familiar with the code and the capabilities of future devices."

Nokia adds that MeeGo releases continue moving forward at six-month intervals, with MeeGo 1.2 scheduled to drop in April 2011. It is slated to include a Handset UX release with a complete set of applications as well as support for other device usage models. Last month, Nokia announced plans to embrace the Qt cross-platform development environment as its sole application creation framework--moving forward, developers who build apps in Qt will be able to deploy their software across devices running both the MeeGo and Symbian operating systems.

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