Nokia launches N-Gage platform

By now, I think everyone is aware of the basics: Nokia is relaunching the N-Gage as a platform that will run on 6-8 upcoming S60-based Nokia devices. A key feature of the new platform is the community and social aspects of gaming. Glu, THQ, India Games and Gameloft have already agreed to create titles for the platform, but the company is also making an effort to reach out to smaller developers, according to Dr. Mark Ollila, Nokia's director of technology & strategy. N-Gage technology is based on a C++ API that is designed to be easily accessible to developers even if they don't have much experience with Symbian. As for the "sidetalking" debacle that made the first N-Gage a laughingstock? "Consumers wants to use their phones for many sorts of tasks," says Ollila. "We've learned that design is personal." FierceGameBiz has more on the N-Gage. Also see "Return of the N-Gage," a preview of the relaunch I wrote back in October.