Nokia Lumia 1020: A snapshot of developers' reactions

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Nokia (NYSE:NOK) managed to generate a lot more with the launch of its Lumia 1020 late last week.

The big news around the Lumia 1020, of course, is not its voice or data capabilities so much as the built-in camera, news of which traveled quickly across social media immediately following the launch event. 

It can take a lot to impress the developer crowd, but there were early indications they liked what they heard about the Lumia 1020.

This is, of course, a Windows Phone 8 device, which tends to be a third choice for most developers at best. This had some well-known industry figures wondering if that might eventually change.

To say the camera took the show is an understatement. In fact, some wondered whether the "phone" aspects of the Lumia 1020 mattered to consumers.

Naturally, there were a few dissenters:

The real test over time will be how many developers show interest in moving apps to the Lumia 1020. Some sounded like they can hardly wait.