Nokia names mobile game contest finalists

Nokia announced the 10 finalists for its Mobile Games Innovation Challenge. According to the handset giant, an independent panel of worldwide industry experts whittled down more than a hundred entries to arrive at the final shortlist, judging games for N-Gage-compatible devices and Java- or Symbian-based Series 40 or S60 devices according to innovation, fun, feasibility of execution and market potential. The finalists and developers are:

  • Ball (CreatePlayShare, India): Gamers may play any ball game on their mobile device or even create their own new game.
  • Cinemarena (Active Tecnologia e Consultoria Ltda., Brazil): Set in a movie theater, the game enables players to control avatars on the big screen.
  • Comet Hunter (Onur Yazilim, Turkey): A 2-D shooting game bolstered by natural sound effects made by players themselves.
  • Fun Cam (TechnoBubble, Spain): A mixed reality game connecting the mobile device camera to the television.
  • Ghost Wire (A Different Game, Sweden): Players use their mobile devices to communicate with ghosts.
  • Kweekies (Int13, France): An augmented virtual pet game that allows players to interact with their pet via the camera embedded in their mobile device.
  • Melokey (Jadestone, Sweden and C4M, France): A music game where players learn to master songs and play them against other in-game characters to win the affections of fans.
  • Watchers (Eclipse Interactive, U.K.): A conspiracy adventure game that uses Nokia Maps and other real-world tools to find locations.
  • Wave Pirates (LemonQuest, Spain): An action game where gamers become pirates navigating the seven seas.
  • XDancery (Simlife, China): A music game where players may touch the screen, draw patterns on it, shake the device or sing into it to hit the right notes.

Nokia will name three winners at an awards ceremony in Rome on Oct. 29--the winners will receive cash prizes as well as Nokia Publishing pre-production contracts.

For more on the Nokia Mobile Games Innovation Challenge:
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