Nokia to reintroduce N-Gage this week

Nokia will officially relaunch its N-Gage mobile gaming platform this week, according to a post on the handset giant's official N-Gage blog. According to Nokia, consumers with N81 and N81 8GB devices will have "exclusive access to the pre-release version of the N-Gage application and one or more N-Gage games." In addition, Nokia will debut an N-Gage First Access forum to solicit user feedback and recommendations. In related news, Nokia Games Publishing will launch on N-Gage a virtual pet application titled Creebies, enabling users to customize, nurture and accessorize 3D pets that grow and mature over time. Each Creebi may also interact with others via Bluetooth. Nokia will also premiere Dirk Spanner and the Fallen Idol, an N-Gage title inspired by classic film noir.

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