Nokia unveils MeeGo v.1.0 for netbooks

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) announced the availability of Meego v.1.0 for netbooks, expanding the cross-platform capabilities of the fledgling Linux-based OS, developed in conjunction with computing giant Intel. According to Nokia, the MeeGo netbook experience is highlighted by instant access to synchronized calendars, tasks and files, real-time social networking updates on the device homescreen and a browser with Google Chrome integration--the OS also includes applications for email and calendar, a new media player, and support for more than a dozen languages. The new MeeGo API includes includes Qt 4.6, the MeeGo SDK with an integrated application development environment and other operating system tools.

Nokia adds that while the current MeeGo SDK emphasizes netbooks, the next version of the SDK will include support for touch-based devices like handsets and tablets, and is scheduled for an early developer release in June. MeeGo v1.1 is slated to follow in October and will include support for touch-based devices like smartphones and in-car systems.

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