Nvidia debuts new mobile device processor line

Visual computing technologies developer Nvidia introduced the Tegra processor family, promising richer multimedia and Internet experiences across Windows Mobile-based devices. According to Nvidia, Tegra is a computer-on-a-chip smaller than a dime designed for minimal power consumption and maximum "visual PC experience"--its heterogeneous processor architecture boasts multiple processors, each architected for a specific class of tasks including an 800 MHz ARM CPU, a HD video processor, an imaging processor, an audio processor and a low-power GeForce GPU. Nvidia adds that the Tegra architecture achieves up to 10 times the power efficiency of existing products in battery-operated computer systems running rich-media visual computing applications. The APX 2500 smartphone chip, introduced by the company earlier this year, will now be rebranded as the Tegra APX 2500, with the new Tegra 650 processor extending the fledgling product line. Nvidia projects that Tegra products will hit the consumer market by the end of the year.

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