NXP, Purple Labs debut $100 Linux feature phone

Semiconductor manufacturer NXP and embedded Linux solutions supplier Purple Labs jointly announced the release of a 3G Linux reference feature phone boasting video telephony, music playback, high-speed Internet browsing and video streaming at a transfer price below $100. Dubbed Purple Magic, the mobile Linux-based phone is intended as a reference design for handset makers developing entry-level 3G handsets for the Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America markets. "During the recent holiday period, mobile operators were purchasing entry-level 3G phones for $120 to $145," said Purple Labs CEO Simon Wilkinson in a prepared statement. "Leveraging our Linux technology, the Purple Magic design now enables manufacturers to deliver compelling 3G products at a transfer price below $100."

The Purple Magic device is based on NXP's Nexperia Cellular System Solution 7210 for 3G, coupled with the Purple Labs Linux suite. Purple Labs has produced an initial quantity of fully working phones for testing and validation, promising a further reduction of investment and time to market for OEMs and ODMs leveraging the design. NXP's 3G and 3.5G multimedia platforms run on a single ARM926 processor core, and supports true UMTS performance.

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