One-third of consumers will give up on a brand after one poor mobile experience, study shows

Most consumers would "take action" against a brand that failed to meet their expectations, according to a new study conducted by experienced management platform provider Sitecore and technology market research firm Vanson Bourne. 

The study of 4,500 mobile consumers and 450 brands indicated 93 percent of consumers would respond "against a brand if they felt that their expectations were not being completely met."

Also, the study revealed 33 percent of consumers would walk away from a brand entirely if they felt a brand did not fully support their needs.

"In recent years, the explosion of mobile technology has put a device in the pockets of more and more consumers worldwide," Sitecore and Vanson Bourne wrote in their report. "Riding on the coattails of mobile technology's growth comes the rise of 'the mobile experience.' By channeling the mobile experience of consumers, brands are now focused on giving consumers a better, more engaging experience, right from initial information gathering, to making a purchase, through to post-purchase care and support."

Vanson Bourne study

Source: Sitecore / Vanson Bourne research paper

  • 80 percent of consumers noted mobile experience is a top consideration when deciding whether to make a purchase with a brand.

  • 76 percent said a good mobile experience influences their brand loyalty.

  • Around 50 percent of brands reported that they have completely integrated mobile with other channels such as web (53 percent) and social media (49 percent)

  • 30 percent of consumers said they believe their mobile personalization expectations are being completely met by a brand, while 47 percent of brands said they believe otherwise. 

So what do the study results mean for mobile developers?

Ultimately, the study highlighted the ongoing importance of delivering a good user experience for both developers and their target audiences. 

"Consumers expect good mobile experiences to include responsive customer service, the ability to compare options before deciding and a well-designed, functional user experience," Sitecore and Vanson Bourne noted. "In the future, mobile experience qualities that consumers ranked lower may start to rise in importance -- assuming the fundamentals are being fulfilled."

User experience remains a top priority for many developers, which is reflected in recent data. 

For example, software firm Progress' "State of Mobility Survey 2015," released in September, indicated 44 percent of developers said the user experience was critical across all drivers, followed by ease of maintenance (24 percent), performance (15 percent) and security (11 percent).

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