Palm kicks off Hot Apps developer competition

Palm announced the launch of its Hot Apps Program, promising $1 million in total cash bonuses to developers whose webOS-based mobile applications create the most consumer interest. Palm will award $100,000 cash to the developer whose free app yields the most total downloads during the Feb. 1-May 31 contest period--in addition, the device maker will give another $100,000 to the premium webOS app that generates the most total revenue. The next 20 apps in each category will score $10,000 each, and the next 200 apps in each category will win $1,000 each.

To qualify for a Palm Hot Apps Program award, the application must be available to webOS users through Palm distribution programs between prior to May 31--all eligible apps must originate via the Palm webOS SDK or Ares Integrated Development Environment (not the webOS Plug-In Development Kit), and all apps must be available for download from an official Palm webOS distribution program (i.e., App Catalog Distribution, Web Distribution or Beta Distribution).

The Palm App Catalog virtual storefront currently boasts more than 1,300 webOS-based applications, according to data released by webOS School--paid apps outnumber free apps roughly three to one. By comparison, Apple's rival App Store presently offers more than 140,000 iPhone and iPod touch applications.

For more on the Palm Hot Apps Program:
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