Palm opens Ares development platform for testing

Palm announced its fledgling Ares mobile application development platform is now open for developer trials. "We are starting with a fairly small pool and will be growing it, so I can't guarantee that everyone who wants to will get access to it immediately, but we're now asking for volunteers willing to spend some time kicking the tires and finding (and reporting) bugs," writes Palm Developer Community manager Chuq Von Rospach on the webOsdev forum. "At this point, Ares is in alpha, but it is fairly advanced Alpha. I'm really impressed by Ares; it is a really nice environment to program in." Von Rospach adds the test program is currently full--developers can still request entrance into the program, but will have to wait a bit for clearance.

Palm first announced plans to introduce Ares during November's Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco, promising developers the platform will simplify and accelerate mobile software creation. Palm senior vice president Michael Abbott said Ares will enable developers to sign up and submit apps via web interface--once the application is completed, a link is created which the developer can use to promote his application across Twitter, Facebook or email.  When a potential user clicks on the link, they will be taken to where the application is available for download.

For more on the Ares trial:
- check out the webOsdev forum

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