Palm set to release webOS 1.1 update

Palm is reportedly poised to release its webOS 1.1 software update for the Pre smartphone sometime in the next 30 days. An anonymous tipster tells PreCentral that the update is geared largely to improve the Pre's enterprise chops via features including IT-initiated remote wipe, required PIN with complexity, device wipe after a certain number of failed PIN attempts, auto-lock and improved digital certificates. PreCentral adds that other sources indicate the update will include new Pre applications, although it is unclear whether the apps will originate via Palm or third-party developers.

In related Palm Pre news, market research firm Strategy Analytics praises the fledgling Palm App Catalog virtual storefront's visual appeal, intuitive user interface, straightforward search protocols and efficient download process. "The download process is logical, allowing users to get content in one click," notes Strategy Analytics analyst Christopher Dodge in a prepared statement. "However, the purchase details of content are not clearly defined, leaving users unsure if they are downloading a trial version of the item or the complete version." The research note is also critical of the scarcity of Palm Pre apps: "While the App Catalog contains desirable and recognizable content, the volume of content overall is lacking," says Strategy Analytics User Experience Practice senior analyst Paul Brown.

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