PalmOS is dead, long live PalmOS!

Japanese firm Access has purchased PalmSource for $324 million. Although not well known in the US, Access is known in Japan for its NetFront Web browser, which is used in phones, set-top boxes, and the Sony PSP, among other devices. Access says it will use the acquisition to expand its mobile phone business. The company claims that all current deployments of Palm OS and all Palm OS licensees will continue to receive support, but it seems clear that the company will focus its development on the Linux-based operating system that PalmSource began after it acquired China MobileSoft earlier this year. Palm, meanwhile, sent a letter to developers arguing that the acquisition is a good thing for Palm and the Palm community and thanking developers for their support and commitment. However, Palm has been publicly hinting that it has a Windows-based device in the works, and many Palm enthusiasts believe the PalmOS as we know it will die a slow, quiet death while its new owners prepare a next-generation Linux-based mobile OS for launch. Blog | Article