Particle SDK touts support for HTML5 and native app translation

Mobile software platform provider Particle Code issued its Particle SDK Free Public Beta, promising developers the tools to write complex applications and games once, then deploy both HTML5 and native apps across the smartphone and tablet ecosystem--including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry devices--all from one codebase. Built atop the Eclipse IDE and supporting development languages including Java, C# and ActionScript3, Particle boasts a patent-pending WYSIWYG editor, isometric and physics engines, and backend and translation technologies--according to Particle Code, the platform offers both the cross-platform benefits inherent in HTML5 as well as the power of native apps, effectively combating recurring mobile software challenges like operating system fragmentation, language fragmentation and user interface fragmentation. To download the SDK, click here.

Particle Code was founded by mobile veterans who previously teamed at social gaming firm Mytopia. Prior to 888 Holdings acquiring the firm a year ago, Mytopia created multiplayer titles designed to run across multiple smartphone operating systems--Particle Code adds that the Particle SDK is the product of a four-year incubation cycle. The firm states that the platform will remain free for the duration of the beta period, and that beta users will receive 90 percent off future costs for life.  

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