PlayHaven launches real-time marketing platform for iOS game devs

Mobile game promotion and monetization services firm PlayHaven unveiled an HTML5-based marketing platform enabling iOS developers to create and deploy promotions and customer engagement initiatives in real time, without submitting updates to Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) App Store.

The PlayHaven platform is powered by Dynamic Overlays--i.e., customizable HTML5 windows that appear above each game and enable developers to push content and announcements to users without any tweaks to the underlying code. According to PlayHaven, developers can leverage Dynamic Overlays to cross-promote other titles, trumpet updates and new features, capture email addresses, and market virtual currencies, item rewards and related in-app offers.

The PlayHaven platform also features a web-based analytics and publishing dashboard offering in-depth insight into monetization and retention. Developers can implement the data to create, reprioritize and swap different Dynamic Overlays on the fly. Click here for signup and pricing details.

Launched in May 2010, PlayHaven solutions are now integrated into more than 750 existing iOS titles, driving 180 million monthly mobile game sessions. Developer partners include Halfbrick, DistinctDev, Fluik Entertainment and Game Circus.

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