Qualcomm's Chandhok outlines vision for 'a better open'

LONDON--Days after wireless solutions provider Qualcomm introduced Qualcomm Innovation Center, a new, wholly-owned subsidiary focusing on open-source mobile platforms, the fledgling unit's president Rob Chandhok grabbed the keynote spotlight here at the Symbian Exchange and Exposition 2009 conference to communicate his concept of "a better open." Noting "It's an interesting thing for a Qualcomm person to be speaking at a Symbian conference," Chandhok outlined few specifics of the QuIC effort, instead focusing on Qualcomm's larger vision for the mobile ecosystem: "We want to bring state-of-the-art experiences and services to mobile," he said, explaining that a richer, more connected open environment will depend on leveraging the unique attributes of advanced mobile devices and optimization via tight hardware integration. "Everyone can have their own differentiated product, leading to a better mobile space," Chandhok said. "Working with platforms like Symbian, we can unleash the power of creativity, tie things together and create a better open world."

Qualcomm Innovation Center brings together a dedicated group of engineers under Chandhok's leadership. The QuIC team will focus on open-source initiatives including Linux and Webkit as well as operating systems like Symbian and rival Android.