QUICKLINKS: Rumor: 3G coming to Apple laptops; Sprint threatens Mobile GMaps developer; Flash Lite: Facts and figures

Rumor: Future Apple laptops will include 3G connectivity.  Blog

Motorola CTO urges developers to prepare for change. Article

Beeweeb's Mobile Web Toolkit pre-release. Website

Sprint threatens Mobile GMaps developer over GPS use. Blog

Flash Lite: Facts and figures. Blog

Sun announces Java Real-Time System 2.0. Website

Forecast: Mobile video revenues to triple in 2007. FierceMobileContent

Newsvine goes mobile. Blog

Motorola's MOTOMING named JavaOne 2007 Device of the Show.

Cingular 8525 is now AT&T 8525 Pocket PC. Blog

James Gosling: "Java Is Under No Serious Threat From PHP, Ruby or C#." Article

Report: Alltel for sale. Article

Is the handset subsidy a good thing? Blog

T-Mobile closes loophole that allowed cheap Web access. Forum

Mobile web audience is 1/5 size of PC audience in U.K. Report

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