RAZR 2 embraces Linux, Java and Web

RAZR 2Motorola has finally unveiled the RAZR2, a major update to the original RAZR. The phone boasts a large external LCD an improved inner display, and a package that is 2mm thinner than the original RAZR. Of note for Java developers, the RAZR2 fully supports the Java ME CDC (also known as phoneME Advanced). Motorola says the phone will also include a "full HTML" Web browser (apparently some form of Opera).

The RAZR2 will be available in at least three versions: The V8 will support EDGE, the V9 will support HSDPA, and the V9m will support EV-DO. The V8 will be available in July, while the V9 should be out by Q3.

Motorola has been vague on the differences between versions of the phones, but at least one version (probably the V8) will run on Motorola's Linux-based OS, while others will get the old Synergy OS with an updated user interface.

Motorola also confirmed that the "Media Monster" phone CEO Ed Zander hinted at earlier this month is indeed the Moto Z8, which first appeared months ago at 3GSM.

FierceWireless has more on the RAZR2's features and the Z8 announcement.