Razr V3 dominates developer test efforts in November

Developers focused more of their time and energy in November on the Motorola Razr V3 than any other handset, according to mobile application development solutions provider DeviceAnywhere. After analyzing tens of thousands of hours of developer usage and trial patterns across the global DeviceAnywhere test platform, which spans more than 1,000 devices, the firm reports coders are focusing the majority of their application testing on mass-market phones like the Razr V3 and Research In Motion's BlackBerry 8100 Pearl (second on the list) and BlackBerry 8830 (third). Apple's iPhone came in fourth on DeviceAnywhere's list, trailed by the Motorola K1 Krzr.

In all, Motorola devices merited 21.1 percent of developer time last month, followed by Nokia and Samsung (tied at 15.4 percent each), LG (14.4 percent) and Research In Motion (13.8 percent). Apple accounted for 1.9 percent of developer effort in November, while HTC--the manufacturer behind the G1, the first handset powered by Google's Android mobile OS, which made its commercial debut in late October--represented 2.7 percent.

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