Report: 75% of people using apps at work are happy workers

Seventy-five percent of people in the U.S. and Canada who use apps at work are happy in their jobs, according to a report from Softchoice. The managed services firm, which sells apps via the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, gathered responses from 1,000 professionals for its research.

  • One in three employees who use multiple apps for work (6+) are employed at companies that saw at least 9 percent revenue growth in the last year, compared to just 1-in-20 non-app users.
  • 85 percent of employees who use 6+ cloud apps for work report having an optimal work-life balance, compared with 59 percent of non-app users.
  • Overall, female cloud app users are happier at work (80 percent vs. 60 percent female non-app users), and more likely to feel that they have an optimal work-life balance (72 percent vs. 57 percent female non-app users).
  • Employees who get to choose their own SaaS apps for work are twice as likely to be happy at work, compared with those who aren't given a choice.

Source: Softchoice

"The fast, furious deluge of mobile devices and cloud apps into our personal and professional lives has fueled a common perception that technology leads to overworked, disengaged staff," the report says. "On the contrary, technology--and cloud apps in particular--has the potential to play a key role in solving longstanding employee engagement challenges."

Softchoice may have a vested interest in getting more companies to deploy cloud-based mobile apps, but the study also makes an interesting case for developers who have started out making consumer apps and mobile games but are thinking about a move into the enterprise space. Some of the stats may reflect that the way consumers have used apps in their personal lives is carrying over into what they want to see at work, whether it's more choice about what they download or the way some of the benefits skew towards women, who represent one of the largest segments for playing casual games.

If there's one big potential difference between what consumers say and this study reports, it's that more apps are considered better. Some of us are probably trying to winnow down the number of games loaded on our smartphones, but if Softchoice is right, one app at work will not rule them all.

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