Report calls Google Phone a 'certainty'

Citing a trusted source who has seen the device with his own eyes, Gizmodo reports the long-rumored Google Phone "is a certainty." According to the report, prototype Google Phones are set to descend on Google's Mountain View, Calif. campus over the next few weeks, all running a new version of the Android operating system--presumably either the forthcoming Flan update or an even later version. In addition, the source says the current Android platform is not the "real" Android--the exact meaning of the remark is unclear, although Gizmodo speculates it's the Android OS bolstered by Google Voice.

The latest news follows on the heels of a recent TechCrunch report indicating Google will launch a branded smartphone in early 2010. Citing "super-high confidence information" as well as details gathered from multiple sources, TechCrunch states that Google will sell the Android-powered smartphone directly and via retail partners--while an unnamed manufacturer (most likely LG or Samsung) will produce the hardware, it will feature only Google's brand. Most significant, Google will oversee all facets of the phone's design and feature set, guaranteeing a consistent user experience across all applications. TechCrunch adds that Google originally planned to introduce the smartphone in time for the 2009 holiday shopping season, but an aggressive advertising push touting its imminent release is planned to launch as early as January.

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