Report: Level of overall app monetization has risen by 12%

The overall level of developers monetizing their apps in some way is up 12 percent over last year, according to Millennial Media. The company's State of the Apps 2015 Snapshot research report was based on a survey of app developers that ran from September through November of last year. 

  • Eighty-five percent of app developers and publishers monetize their apps and sites in some way. Of these respondents, 82 percent use advertising, compared to 73 percent last year.  
  • Sixty-nine percent of app developers and publishers make their inventory available programmatically, resulting in an increase in revenue for most.  
  • Thirty-three percent of app developers and publishers allow video ads to run in their apps, an increase of five percentage points from the previous year. Sixteen percent enable native ads.  
  • The most popular app category is Games (86 percent), followed by Productivity & Tools (35 percent) and Music & Entertainment (19 percent). 
  • The largest growth in 2015 is expected to come from Role Play/Character/Adventure/Strategy Games (up 12 percentage points from last year) and Health & Fitness (up 7 percentage points).
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Eighty-two percent of those surveyed use in-app advertising. (Source: Millennial Media)

"Nearly half of those surveyed said developing new applications is their most important goal in 2015. Getting these apps out and downloaded by users is the theme of the second and third most important goals. Looking deeper, the priority of these goals carries across companies of all sizes," the report says. "One of the major themes that emerged from our findings was that developers and publishers are looking to take their apps further in 2015. By designing for multiple operating systems and devices, to making their inventory available on programmatic channels, developers and publishers are looking to use all resources available to them to grow their user bases."

For all the talk of mobile users having reached "peak app," the Millenial Media study is a refreshing reminder that app developers aren't even close to throwing in the towel. Not only do many of them already have a portfolio of five apps, according to the data, there are lots who hope to have at least two more within the major app stores this year. The increase in monetization suggests that even if their revenues aren't large today, they're at least continuing to evolve their strategy to earn more as they bring additional apps to customers. This is data that paints a picture of app developers as true entrepreneurs--ones who are committed for the long haul.

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