Rhomobile rolls out Rhodes 2.1, enhances iPhone 4 support

Platform provider Rhomobile introduced version 2.1 of its Rhodes open source mobile application development framework, promising a series of user interface enhancements for enterprise and industrial app developers including barcode reading and signature capture as well as iPhone 4 enhancements like improved support for running in multitasked environments. Rhomobile launched Rhodes 1.0 in March 2009, touting a framework to rapidly build HTML-based native apps spanning all major smartphone operating systems--apps created via Rhodes work with synchronized local data and leverage device capabilities such as GPS, PIM contacts and camera.

Rhomobile also announced an extension of its RhoSync 2.0 scalable mobile sync server to Objective C developers. "We will be providing support for JavaScript clients as well soon, which will allow RhoSync to be used from any app on any smartphone whether or not that app was written with Rhodes (using JavaScript support in the browser components)," writes Rhomobile CEO Adam Blum on the firm's blog.

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