ROK Developer Challenge goes live

Mobile applications, technologies and services firm ROK Entertainment Group launched its ROK Developer Challenge, extending an open invitation to developers worldwide to submit their ideas in hopes of partnering with the company on the commercial deployment of the most promising and innovation application submissions. ROK's existing mobile applications and services include on-demand streamed TV, content stored on and played from memory cards, mobile VoIP technologies, mobile social networking solutions and push email services, all licensed to mobile operators and handset manufacturers worldwide. ROK owns five patents on its technologies and another 40 patent applications are in the works.

"While we have our own in-house team of application developers, we have always welcomed new ideas from outside the company and, given the increased difficulty in fund-raising via the money markets at present, we believe now is the time to formalize a system where the best innovators in the development space can easily contact us," said ROK chairman and CEO Jonathan Kendrick in a prepared statement. For more information on the ROK Developer Challenge, click here.

For more on the ROK Developer Challenge:
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