Samsung Innovation Quest targets S60 widget developers

Samsung announced it will relaunch its Samsung Innovation Quest developer competition after a one-year hiatus, partnering with the Symbian Foundation in an effort to encourage homescreen widget development for the manufacturer's latest S60 device, the i8910 HD. According to Symbian, the 2009 SIQ event is the first since the launch of its Samsung Mobile Innovator developer program, affording entrants access to technical tools and resources that were previously unavailable--the criteria for this year's competition mandates that all entries are widgets that run on the Samsung homescreen, but the terms and conditions are otherwise relaxed, with developers retaining ownership of all IP.

All entrants must first sign up for the free Samsung Mobile Innovator program--from there, widgets may be submitted at beginning June 24. There are no restrictions on widget categories; Samsung said it will offer further information on the i8910 HD in the weeks ahead, but existing widgets also may be submitted provided they don't violate the SIQ terms and conditions. In addition to cash prizes, Samsung will offer winning SIQ entrants distribution opportunities, promising their widget could end up on a substantial number of devices.

For more on the 2009 SIQ:
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