Samsung's bada 2.0 SDK brings in-app Ads API, HTML5 support

Samsung Electronics unveiled version 2.0 of its bada SDK, giving developers an expanded set of tools and resources optimized for the smartphone platform, which is based on the handset maker's TouchWiz user interface. The bada 2.0 release heralds a series of new capabilities including app multi-tasking, Wi-Fi Direct, Near Field Communications integration and voice recognition as well as support for HTML5 and improved Flash functionality. The SDK also brings support for the Wholesale Applications Community's WAC 2.0 open applications platform specification, which promises developers the tools to leverage both device and network capabilities while guaranteeing software portability across handsets, operating systems and carriers.

Also new in the bada 2.0 SDK: Samsung's Ads API, allowing developers to insert advertisements directly into their apps, as well as an upgraded development environment that includes Emulator and Profiler tools. The SDK is available for download here.

Samsung has introduced seven Wave devices powered by bada; so far, none of the phones has been issued in the U.S. The Samsung Apps retail storefront now boasts roughly 40,000 bada-based applications and topped the 100 million download milestone in March 2011. Samsung adds that bada 2.0 SDK features new Samsung Apps purchasing options and recommendation features.

Some pundits anticipate Samsung will expand and market the bada platform more aggressively in the future following Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) recent announcement it will acquire Motorola Mobility (NYSE:MMI) for roughly $12.5 billion. Although Google has vowed its Android mobile operating system will remain open, there is speculation manufacturers like Samsung could scale back their efforts to produce Android-based devices, especially if Google grants Motorola Mobility favored nation status and gives its engineers early access to new Android features and functionality.

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