Samsung Z launch may not be enough to sway developers on Tizen

The Samsung Z smartphone launch was supposed to be a sign that the Tizen operating system was finally ready for prime time, but mobile app developers may need more proof it can offer the advantages they've gained with Android. 

Although Tizen is already used in Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatches, the Samsung Z marks the company's biggest move yet away from Google's Android OS in a major hardware category. The device is expected to go on sale in Russia in the third quarter of this year, followed by other countries, though Samsung didn't offer details.

There were at least a few developers who were ready to get behind the Samsung Z, based on comments made on Twitter. 

In many cases, though, the sentiment was largely negative. Some seemed unimpressed with the smartphone itself.

There were others who were more concerned that Samsung didn't have a strong track record in making the most of mobile platforms. 

Others seemed to see Android as a key asset in Samsung's mobile strategy--one it may be ill-advised to give up, assuming that's the long-term plan.

Of course, developers being developers, the final verdict on the Samsung Z smartphone, and Tizen overall, will not be about the hardware.