Slack App Directory and $80M fund draw raves from devs on Twitter

It's become nearly as popular as e-mail within some businesses, but a new directory and funding program may soon make Slack equally appealing to app developers.

The startup said it would offer up to $80 million in support for those creating apps that work with its core technology, as well as the Slack App Directory to help businesses more easily discover such apps.

Members of Slack team were eager to court developer opinions by sharing the news on social media like Twitter:

"Launched some things! 1) Slack App Directory 2) Botkit 3) $80M Fund" — Buster (@buster) December 16, 2015

Some suggested that Slack's strategy was a good fit for the times.

"@TechCrunch @JoshConstine The right place for future Enterprise & Entertainment Apps." — Keyideas Infotech (@keyideasglobal) December 16, 2015

Some might see Slack App Directory as a disruptive force in this market, which prompted some interesting responses:

"@VentureBeat perfect timing! bring it." — brian harniman (@bharniman) December 16, 2015

"My thoughts on Slack App Directory cc @SlackHQ @buster @stewart @betaworks on @ProductHunt" — Ben Tossell (@bentossell) December 16, 2015

The general consensus, however, was that Slack is poised to dominate the enterprise app space.