Soasta launches test platform for touch-enabled apps

Cloud testing solutions firm Soasta is rolling out TouchTest, a new technology enabling iOS and Android application developers to simulate touch-enabled gestures including pan, pinch, zoom and scroll.

Released in conjunction with Soasta's CloudTest platform, TouchTest relies on real mobile devices, not emulators--the solution captures all phases of a gesture from beginning to end (including the speed of the user's movements) and then tests its findings within the mobile app, replacing optical recognition approaches and validating data based on variable values and internal app state changes. Distributed mobile devices are accessed via the IP address, which Soasta says eliminates the need for tethering or jailbreaking.

Soasta will offer TouchTest as a feature enhancement available for access by mobile developers and testers using CloudTest and CloudTest Lite, with the first testing device free of charge. The firm is also introducing a pair of starter kits, CloudTest iOS Lab and CloudTest Android Lab, designed for mobile app functional testing teams. Developers interested in signing up for the beta version of CloudTest with TouchTest technology can learn more here.

Soasta additionally announced Private Device Cloud, which enables developers and enterprises to trial end-user experiences across multiple devices using smartphones they already own. Private Device Cloud allows the testing team to select all devices included in the trial, supervise the opt-in process, and schedule, start and stop the test cycle. Soasta aggregates and correlates the results and delivers data back to the team in a single analytics dashboard.

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