Sony PlayStation eyes mobile games for 2018

Editor's CornerDan Kobialka

PlayStation games could arrive on Android and iOS mobile devices soon.

Sony's PlayStation gaming business announced it would release mobile titles in the fiscal year ending March 2018, CNBC reported. The announcement comes after Sony unveiled its ForwardWorks mobile gaming business in March.

Sony's entry into the mobile gaming segment is unsurprising, to say the least.

Mobile gaming revenues are growing, and Sony likely sees an opportunity to expand its global reach and increase its earnings by entering the mobile gaming segment.

In addition, Nintendo is already ramping up for the mobile gaming segment and expects to bring "Super Mario Go" to iOS devices later this year. Thus, if Sony fails to enter the mobile gaming segment soon, it may risk falling further behind Nintendo in the mobile gaming sector.

Mobile developers should take note of Sony's plans for the mobile gaming segment, too.

Sony, Nintendo and other console makers are eyeing the mobile gaming sector, which could make it more difficult for mobile game developers to garner interest in their titles.

Console makers possess extensive resources; comparatively, many independent mobile developers do not. This means console makers may be able to dedicate plenty of time and resources to market their mobile titles and generate interest from mobile gamers, making it exceedingly difficult for independent developers to gain ground in the mobile gaming sector. 

At the same time, these console makers may provide additional opportunities for mobile game developers.

There are currently 12 million mobile developers worldwide, according to market intelligence firm Evans Data Corp. This figure may increase to 14 million by 2020, Evans Data has predicted, which means competition likely will remain fierce among developers who want to launch mobile titles over the next few years.

Conversely, console makers like Sony and Nintendo may look for experienced mobile game developers to join their companies. In fact, mobile developers could create mobile titles for these companies and leverage a broad range of resources throughout the development cycle as well.

Nintendo announced it was accepting applications for smart device developers in July, and Sony and other console makers might do the same – because with experienced mobile developers at their disposal, console makers may be better equipped to produce engaging mobile titles that drive revenue growth in the mobile gaming sector.

For mobile developers, keep a close eye on Nintendo, Sony and other console makers that are targeting the mobile gaming segment. By doing so, you may discover new job opportunities in the mobile gaming sector that enable you to work with leading console makers. - Dan@FierceDeveloper