Sprint expands open location platform

Sprint announced it will expand its open location platform by adding TechnoCom Corporation to its open service enabler program, promising developers more avenues to create location-based solutions optimized for Sprint devices. TechnoCom is a location-based aggregator that provides customization and integration support services enabling call centers to offer location-enhanced services to customers and handle calls more efficiently. According to Sprint, applications could include solutions identifying a company's nearby stores or office locations and location-based routing to the most appropriate call center or agent.

Sprint launched the open service enabler program in late 2008 with Veriplace and WHERE--last summer, the operator added Alcatel-Lucent, Loc-Aid and Useful Networks. The open service platforms guard the privacy and security of Sprint subscribers while offering third-party mobile, web, WAP, SMS and widget developers a more consistent method to build applications that incorporate customers' location information to deliver customized information and services.

In related Sprint news, the carrier said its Developer Sandbox program now includes both iDEN and CDMA capabilities, meaning programmers can now create and test applications for the Nextel and Boost Mobile brands. Sprint Developer Sandbox, launched in mid-2009, features tools to enable more efficient creation of location-based services, messaging apps and related solutions--the initiative is open to all Sprint registered developers, and provides access to network, handset and product capabilities.

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