Sprint previews Palm OS-based Centro

At a Tech Summit in Reston, Virginia last week, Sprint offered sneak previews of the new mobile devices it will introduce to subscribers, among them the Centro, reportedly the smallest Palm OS-based smartphone yet released. The Centro--which earlier rumors and leaks variously attributed as the Treo Centro, the Treo 800, and Gandolf--will boast the Treo's signature touch screen and QWERTY thumb-keyboard, and supports Sprint's EV-DO data network; the carrier said the device is targeted at a younger consumer demographic, particularly subscribers new to the smartphone space. Other specifications, bells and whistles are presently unknown--reports suggest Sprint will launch the Centro at a retail price of $99, with a three-month exclusive on U.S. sales.

The tech summit also afforded Sprint the opportunity to unveil a CDMA/EV-DO version of the HTC Touch, a Windows Mobile 6.0-based smartphone and a CDMA version of the BlackBerry Pearl, all scheduled for launch later this year.

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