Sprint Wireless Toolkit 3.3 debuts

Sprint unveiled its Java-based Sprint Wireless Toolkit 3.3, which includes developer resources for the upcoming Samsung Instinct, a touch-screen Java handset boasting features including over-the-air downloads, GPS support and full multimedia streaming. According to Sprint, the Wireless Toolkit 3.3 also features new automated development protocols and opportunities to debug programs earlier in the creative process. The operator also said it plans an Instinct application development contest, with more details available here. 

In addition, Sprint relaunched its Professional Developer Program. Open to all independent software developers for an annual fee, the program promises benefits including access to the majority of the carrier's restricted APIs (including GPS, address book, messaging) enhanced technical support and access to the certification process. Related resources include handset specifications, online forums, white papers and interactive online training.

For more on Sprint's new developer resources:
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